A collaborative video essay program conceived by MFI Group as part of PAMI
20 – 23 September 2012


Minits 4 is a collaborative video essay program that will be streamed online for the duration of PAMI (Peckham Artist Moving Image). Each day’s content will also be presented at Flat Time House, The John Latham Foundation and Archive, Peckham. Conceived by MFI group with contributions by OUTPOST Members and Eastside Projects’ Associates. The project mirrors MFI group’s approach to conversation as exploratory, meandering and non-hierarchical, valuing the process of discussion as much as any of the conclusions drawn.


Day 1 Nostalgia

Can nostalgia be considered in relation to arrangement and form? Drawing from nostalgia’s original meaning as a physical, rather than temporal, displacement, nostalgia can be approached as an emptiness, an impulse towards narrative and a longing for a subjective relationship with things and their place.

Day 2 Frustration

Whether employed by artists as a deliberate strategy to engage a viewer, emerging as an indication of failure in a work, or experienced as a painful but possibly valuable aspect of the making process, frustration is often something to be cultivated as much to be escaped.

Day 3 Attack the Void

If a vast, never appeased emptiness hid behind everything, what would life be then but despair?…If an eternal oblivion, perpetually hungry, lurked for its prey and there were no power strong enough to wrench that away from it- how empty and devoid of consolation life would be! But precisely for that reason it is not so…

Day 4 Cats: Documents of
Contemporary Art

Just like pot plants before, the journey of cats from domestic creature to art medium has been challenging. Fortunately, cats are now, finally, classed as their own medium along the likes of painting, sculpture and moving-image. The final act of this ascendance is a Whitechapel ‘documents of contemporary art’ publication dedicated to cats.



georgie grace