With Cally Spooner.

A piece for the theatre representing a looping micro-crisis between two states; the life of the mind, and life with others.

Beginning with a narcissistic monologue, stuck on loop in an obsolete cassette player, this primary state is interrupted, insulted and debunked by state two; a dialogue, on public life and good manners. Played against a frenetic, projected self-referential backdrop of narcissism, politicians, theatres, hollywood self-love public acting and the sociologist, Richard Sennet, a schizophrenic one-act tug emerges, as the cast struggle to find something useful to say in public.

Live Performance, Casettes & Player.
Stage Set (designed by) Giles Round
Intro (from) Boom! (1968)
Monologue (read by) Dulcie Lewis
Dialogue (by and with) Georgie Grace and Amy Spencer
Context (played by) Richard Parry
Outro (from) Robert Palmer (via) Casiotone Disco No. 2


georgie grace