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Commission for the SPUR Landing Site Gallery, as part of the About Time programme in Leeds.
Speculative technologies, wishful thinking, and The Singularity. Beginning with the claim made by tech entrepreneurs that in the near future we might be able to scan and fully capture the data of our minds, a wonderful future where you have back up copies explores what implications the ability to upload our brains and restore ourselves from back up would have for our concepts of time, memory, experience and risk.

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These are the questions is a film made using acts of live listening and quick transcription, a collection of speech acts retransmitted with poetic interference. It utilises the instability of speech in the moment of live distribution and retransmits it as a sequence of intermixed offcuts.

Speed and uncertain rhythm push reading to adopt the tempo of listening and present an accumulation of indeterminacy that is both with and against expression.

The constraint for the images mimics the constraint for the writing and responds to the uncertain meanings of the phrases: taking advantage of Google’s image search algorithms, which promise to “look for clues to better understand what you mean,” the provided images are used structurally as intervals, interpretations, and interruptions.

// 02′ 38″ HD video

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georgie grace