Georgie Grace

Georgie Grace Upstream Gallery

Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


Curated by Frank Ammerlaan, Elsa Coustou and Ned McConnell


Salvatore Arancio, Michael Fullerton, Georgie Grace, Fabienne Hess, Lloyd Corporation, Kentaro Yamada.



“a series of bizarre images of the inner landscapes of time.”
– La Jetée: Academy One by J.G. Ballard


Inner Landscapes of Time is a group exhibition that brings together new and existing works by artists based in the UK. Through a particular focus on time and imagination the works in the exhibition remediate found material and imagery, creating new narratives that slip between temporalities.


The works in the exhibition address this through a process of collapsing or stretching time to reframe old and new narratives, re-appropriating collected data, individual stories and collective memories. Reflecting on the construction of reality, through ways in which information is circulated and disseminated, the works expose the intricate layers of temporality behind natural and found material.


The exhibition takes its title from J.G. Ballard’s quote on Chris Marker’s famous film La Jetée (1962) and has been convened in response to the continued construction of an imagined future.


georgie grace