bigger coupe croppedIf I said to you, “I want to return to 1940 and have a big coupe with big running boards and drive it drunkenly and carefully along dirt roads never causing harm except for frightening chickens out of the road, and I want you standing there on the running board saying Slow down, or Let me in, and laughing, but I don’t stop, because of course you don’t mean it, you think as I do that a big 1940s coupe and careful drunk driving and one party outside the car and one inside and both laughing and chickens spraying unhurt into the ditches is what life was then, is what life was before it became ruined by us and all our crap,” and if I said to you, “I have an actual goddamned time machine, I am not kidding, we can get in the coupe inside 30 seconds if we take off our clothes and push the red button underneath that computer over there, come on, strip, get ready” – would you get ready to go with me, and go? Would you ask a lot of questions? Or would you just say, “shut up and press the button”?


georgie grace