give your full attention to the person who is speaking (2013)

Ride the Judd

27 February – 2 March 2014

Hardy Tree Gallery, London


Art and language may not be identical but they are deeply entangled. The language of criticism, the demand to see one thing as another thing, the tyranny of structured representation, the creation and bleaching-out of subjective experience, all of these dynamics feed and delineate the realisation of the two forms. The discourses generated by that inexhaustible engine of reinterpretation, image proliferation, re/decontextualisation, and infinite comment threads known as the Internet only adds further cacaphonics to the general din.

In Act III of Ride the Judd, these interchanges become subject matter for a group of artists who examine the properties of language which illuminate and obnubliate the conceptual and physical terrain of contemporary existence. Language is more than object and more than metaphor, it is more than structure and more than medium, it is a window into consciousness but, with the passing of George Formby, who can be counted upon to scrub that window clean? Here comes Ride the Judd, for when the window of language is cleansed, humanity may see the world as it truly is: beyond copyright protection.

“Under the Tongue” includes work by Eloise Fornieles, Georgie Grace, Holly McLean, Jammie Nicholas, Ross Taylor and Claire Zakiewicz


georgie grace